Coconut Belt Dryer/Spray/Vacuum/Fluid Bed /Fluidizing/Spin Flash/Disc/Plate/Paddle/Rotary Drum /Disc /Freezing Vacuum/Drying Machine
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Coconut Belt Dryer/Spray/Vacuum/Fluid Bed /Fluidizing/Spin Flash/Disc/Plate/Paddle/Rotary Drum /Disc /Freezing Vacuum/Drying Machine

Coconut Belt Dryer/Spray/Vacuum/Fluid Bed /Fluidizing/Spin Flash/Disc/Plate/Paddle/Rotary Drum /Disc /Freezing Vacuum/Drying Machine

Coconut Belt dryer/Spray /Vacuum /Fluid bed /Fluidizing/Spin Flash/Disc/Plate/Paddle/Rotary drum /Disc /Freezing Vacuum/
Basic Info
Model NO. DWT
Coconut Drying Coconut Drying Machine
DC DC Drying Machine
Coconut Processing Machine Coconut Processing Machine
Grinder Coconut Grinder
Machine Coconut Milk Processing Machine
Vco Vco Production Line
Transport Package Standard Wooden Case
Specification DWT
Trademark Yuzhou
Origin China
HS Code 841939
Production Capacity 100---1000kg
Product Description
Coconut Belt dryer/Spray /Vacuum /Fluid bed /Fluidizing/Spin Flash/Disc/Plate/Paddle/Rotary drum /Disc /Freezing Vacuum/Drying Machine for Vegetable/Fruit/Flavouring/ComdimentDescriptionThis Belt Dryer has single layer,three-layer and five-layer structure, each layer can be independently adjusted the drying temperature according to the characteristics of the materials.The working principle of this multilayer conveyor dryer shows as follows: the material is limit controlled by the hopper and is evenly spread on the mesh belt. The materials are driven by the motor to the top layer, then perform uniform motion in the multilayer belt dryer and conduct downward movement layer by layer. Cold air enters from the two axial flow fans, after ballasting via baffle plate, it will flows from bottom to top. There is equipped with a heater under the mesh belt at each layer. The cold air is constantly gradient heated, and then through the material layer. It will conduct mass transfer and heat transfer with the material layer, so that the moisture contained in the material can be rapidly vaporized and evaporated. When the cold air gets to the top layer, it has become saturated moist air, and will be discharged outdoors under the action of exhaust fan. Material Movement and Process DiagramThis conveyor belt dryer adopts five-layer structure. Materials in the hopper are lifted to the top layer by conveyor belt, and then enter into the drying machine. The materials with the upper belt move to the other end of the multilayer belt dryer, and then slide along the hoop plate down to the next layer. And then the materials along with this layer pass through the conveyor dryer to the other end, and fall to the lowest layer, and so on. The materials along with the lowest belt move to the other end of the drying machine to discharge. Features of Multilayer Belt Dryer1. The hot gas flow passes through the mesh belt and the material layer from bottom to top, thus ensuring uniform heat transfer. This drying machine has high production efficiency and good quality.2. This multilayer conveyor dryer adopts hoisting equipment with uniform feeder, and the thickness of the material layer can be infinitely variable control. Parameters
Spreading Area (m2)20253236486080
Steam Pressure (Mpa)0.4 to 0.7
Steam Consumption (Kg/h)150 to 300180 to 375240 to 480270 to 540360 to 720450 to 900600 to 1200
Drying Cycle (min)20 to 20060 to 600100 to 1000
Evaporation Power (Kg/h)100 to 200125 to 250160 to 320180 to 360300 to 480300 to 600400 to 800
Installed Power (kw)
Total Weight (Ton.)888.510111315
Outline Dimensions (m)8.9 × 2.4 × 3.49.9 × 2.4 × 3.411.5 × 2.4 × 3.412.5 × 2.4 × 3.413.5 × 2.4 × 3.414.5 × 2.4 × 3.415.5 × 2.4 × 3.4

Yutong Patent

Coconut Belt Dryer/Spray/Vacuum/Fluid Bed /Fluidizing/Spin Flash/Disc/Plate/Paddle/Rotary Drum /Disc /Freezing Vacuum/Drying Machine

CERTIFICATEPackage:wooden case

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