Fully Automatic Stable and Economic Palletizer
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Fully Automatic Stable and Economic Palletizer

Fully Automatic Stable and Economic Palletizer

Overview Product Description 1.1 General requirements Packaged products (box/bag/barrel/pack) are stacked onto the empty
Basic Info
Model NO. HPMD-15B
Pallet Weight(Max) 1600kg
Customerizing Yes
Transport Package Wooden Case Pack
Specification 1200*1000mm Pallet
Trademark Haopak
Origin China
HS Code 8428909090
Production Capacity 50 Sets/ Year
Product Description

1.1 General requirements

Packaged products (box/bag/barrel/pack) are stacked onto the empty pallet in a certain order through a series of mechanical actions, which is convenient for handling and transportation of products in bulk. The on-site operating environment shall be improved; the productivity shall be increased; the customers' requirements for production processes and packages shall be satisfied.

1.2 Automation systems' requirements to customers

Customers provide the product specification, mode of (carton/box/bag/pack) arrangement, direction and position of inlet and outlet, pallet size and other special requirements.


2.0 Solutions

2.1 System layout


2.2 3D effect drawing

2.3 Main parameters
  1. Stacking speed 1.5 -2.5 layers / min
  2. Stacking height per pallet box height x layers / stack
  3. Maximum load per layer 200 Kg
  4. Maximum load per pallet 2000 Kg
  5. Maximum stacking height 2000mm
  6. Electric power 15.3Kw
  7. Compressed air 600L/min
  8. Air supply pressure ≥0.6MPa
  9. Pallet size According to customers' requirements

Electrical components
  1. PLC Siemens
  2. Frequency converter Danfoss
  3. Photoelectric sensor SICK
  4. Servo motor Panasonic
  5. Pneumatic component FESTO
  6. Low-voltage apparatus Schneider
  7. Touch screen Schneider/Siemens

2.4 Work flow

Firstly, place 10 empty pallets in the pallet dispenser by a forklift, and the pallet dispenser will transport one pallet on proper stacking position (there are three positions available); Products are transported from the packaging machine to the accelerating belt line which may enlarge the distance between two products through speed difference; the steering mechanism will change the direction of products according to their arrangement mode, and the arrangement mechanism will arrange the products in a certain order; the pushing mechanism will place the well-arranged products onto the pallets through a lifting platform. Repeat the actions until all products are stacked well. Whenever a stack of products is finished, the full pallet conveyor line will transport the products to the workstation of the forklift.

Accelerating belt line → Steering mechanism → Arrangement and buffer system

Box pushing mechanism

Lifting platform

Finish ← Roller conveyor ← Pallet supply system


2.5 Installation environment and safety
Installation environment
1) Ambient temperature0~45°C (without air condition); 0~60°C (with control cabinet industrial air condition)
2) Ambient humidityGenerally less than or equal to 75%RH, without frosting
3) VibrationNo more than 0.5G
4) OtherWithout strong radio interference
No more than 95%RH, without frosting

We concern more on Safety

1) No operator is allowed to enter into the working range of machine. Operator and machine cannot work simultaneously within the joint operation area.2) Guard fence shall be arranged around the working area of machine.3) Operators who enter into the guard fence must have safety training. Safety switch of guard fence is treated as emergency stop.4) All operable control devices of the system shall be installed outside the guard fence.5) Necessary operating conditions must be checked before automatic start, re-start and manual operation of machine.6) Other safety conditions must conform to relevant provisions of national laws.7) Other safety conditions must follow the safety regulations made by users.